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AmeriGlide Elite Residential Elevator

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The AmeriGlide Elite Residential Elevator is a practical addition to any multi-level home that serves disabled or elderly individuals.

The Elite can be completely custom built for your home's space and decor. With hydraulic or winding drum drive systems available, you can choose which will be best for your home. A large selection of interior finishes and materials allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your residential elevator, so that it can truly be made for your home.


The Residential Elevator at a Glance:

  • The home elevator's rigid guide rail system can be installed into a wood framed home, so block walls and backing plates are not required.
  • Uses a sheave drive system that operates very quietly and is energy-efficient
  • A non-skid floor, recessed lighting, and handrail makes this a very safe elevator
  • A beautiful interior is complimented by melamine paneling
  • The doors are self closing and easy to operate for an individual in a wheelchair
  • Every landing offers emergency access


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Sep 21, 2020