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A1 Stair Lifts Unveils Redesigned Website


A1 Stair Lifts Unveils Redesigned Website



Raleigh, NC - December 6, 2008 - A1 Stair Lifts, an established online distributor of mobility lifting aids, unveiled their completely redesigned website today. The new design is intended to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but to also help improve functionality and overall customer satisfaction.



The complete redesign is aimed at improving the ease at which the site can be navigated and presents the products in logical groupings, so it is much easier to compare different stair lifts and their features. The clean crisp design is intended to improve the complete online shopping experience, making it fun and enjoyable.


"We wanted our site to look as attractive as our prices and to be as friendly as our stair lift experts," said Thomas Sheffer, CEO of A1 Stair Lifts. "Together with our design team, we sat down and had a sort of web-design party, carefully weighing customer usability with website functionality. I am very pleased with the results."


A1 Stair Lifts has been online selling quality stair lifts and wheelchair lifts for over six years. With an established online presence, A1 Stair Lifts has been the first choice of shoppers for many years.


They offer a wide selection of stair lifts to fit any need, including standing perch lifts and outdoor stair lifts. In addition to carrying stair lifts from AmeriGlide, Summit, and Acorn, A1 Stair Lifts also offers AmeriGlide Vertical Platform Lifts.


The stair lifts offered by A1 Stair Lifts are designed so that installation is simple and straightforward. As a result, the homeowner often does the installation on their own, but professional installation is available nationwide for all of their stair lifts and wheelchair lifts.


With a low price guarantee and an extremely knowledgeable staff, A1 Stair Lifts will be able to help you find the right lifting solution for your home or business.


If you would like to see the new design, please visit A1 Stair Lifts today.

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