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AmeriGlide - LULA Elevator

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The AmeriGlide LULA Elevator offers the perfect solution for public access in a limited traffic area.

Low occupancy commercial buildings, churches, and multi-family homes are great examples for which the AmeriGlide LULA Elevator is ideal. The LULA provides the functionality of a commercial elevator with the practicality and economies suitable for limited use applications. *

Custom finishes and options are available so that the elevator will blend seamlessly with your building's decor.

Call to speak with an AmeriGlide representative today and see if the AmeriGlide LULA Elevator is the right solution for you.

* LULA is Limited-Use/Limited-Application and is restricted to use in a building not to exceed 10,000 ft sq, up to 25' vertical lift, 1400 lb capacity, and 18 ft sq floor space inside the lift. The LULA also requires a machine room.

Shipping cost will be determined at time of order.

    Standard Features Include
  • 84 inch Fire rated laminate cab with steel pan ceiling and steel subfloor plus 2 doors
  • Two speed operation with PLC controller using tape reader leveling system
  • Submersed screw pump with 3HP motor
  • Automatic interior lights, four recessed LED pot lights
  • Automatic operation
  • Auto-dial hands-free phone
  • Emergency lowering with battery backup
  • Manual lowering device
  • Travel cable
  • Car top inspection station
  • Emergency stop key switch and Blain Rupture valve
  • 1400 lbs Capacity
  • 2 stops
  • 120 inches of travel


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Apr 14, 2024